My First Ever ‘Official’ Blog Post

To be honest I have absolutely no idea how to start this. I don’t even know what it is I am doing, or what a real ‘blog post’ is supposed to be. Is there some sort of structure people are supposed to follow, such as in essay writing? But because I am insanely bored right now, and because I have about a million other things I should probably be doing, I am going to procrastinate them all by casually starting a blog. It amuses me how this website seems all professional and everything: exactly what I thought blogging was supposed to be (as opposed to a website full of teenage girls fangirling over overly-attractive male actors and gay fictional couples.)

So I guess I just want to start writing something, in other words start doing something a bit more productive with my life that I can look back on later. And as proven over the last few weeks, I cannot stick to a fictional story without including references to my fifty billion obsessions and making up a plot so complicated even I lose track of where it is going. So I am going to try ‘officially blogging’  and see how long I can do this for. But hey, some people blog as a living and get money. Who knows, maybe people will one day pay to read what I write. *sarcastic laughter in the background* A girl can only dream. But if I guess when I feel do bad about how awful I am at writing, I can always remind myself that at least I didn’t ever writing Twilight porn. And actually get it published. (And appear in top international bestselling lists, but you know.)

I have piano soon so I am going to stop here and pick out some nice theme for my future blog; they do have really amazing layout structures on this website… Recently I have started having an obsession with semicolons I think they are called; they are just so pretty though! Like the perfect punctuation mark for those sentences with awkward phrases. I guess another reason I want to write stuff is that at the moment I feel so bad about everything in life and desperately need to rant somehow somewhere. But not right now because I cannot be bothered and that is going to take a very, very long time. Which I do not have. I don’t actually know if I am going to bring myself to write here ever again, but even if I don’t, I can say that I have made one ‘official’ blog post in my life. (And read back on this some time later and realise how embarrassing everything was and remove any evidence of it before anyone else sees.)

But that is all for now, so farewell.

(Am I supposed to sign off each entry or something? I think John does on his blog…)

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