Taiwan!! And other stuff in my life…


Yet again, I have no idea why I am doing this, nor why I am so blatantly posting ridiculous details of my life to the scary void known as the Internet, but I am honestly so so bored and I feel like I should do something interesting with my life that’s not productive.

Plus, at the lovely recommendation from my dear sister (Sup you little stalker) I have started reading this book called ‘Girl Online’ by Zoella, and I guess it’s like how I associate books with my everyday life, like a lot? For example, after reading/watching ‘If I Stay’ I had a seriously intense urge to start learning the cello and join a band. Yeah. So this is my way of ‘diffusing’ the words of literature into the person who I am, and I have no idea if that even made sense.

But then like the concept of the online world is actually so frightening to think about, like with Facebook and Instagram. For all we know, there could be some creepy pedophilic stalker who is currently reading everything I put online and doing that location tracking thing and finding out where I live and waiting for the perfect time to come murder/kidnap/hold me for random etc. Just saying. Lovely inspirational words from dear Chloe.

Okay, anyways. Back to the ‘main’ topic of this. It’s the ‘summer’ holidays so I’m in Taiwan now. Yay. The world of amazing Asian food and shopping and books and fast Internet. Actually, no, that’s the glorified, tourist pamphlet version. In reality it’s just days of avoiding human contact and sitting in the same place the whole day and only leaving the apartment to get food. And sighing at how depressing New Zealand really is.

Oh look, they’re playing Fur Elise. I miss the piano already.

This is actually so lonerish and boring I don’t even. Like the idea of sitting here not knowing what to do, not the ‘Let’s just rant about my life in the Internet’, cause I’m okay with that (lolol).

Okay seriously, how do people do this? There is not a single detail of my life that is interesting and worth writing about, and everything I publish sounds so cringeworthy when I go back and read it months later that I just internally facepalm at my past self and regret it all. (P.S. Please, for my sake, do’t go back and read the pathetic stuff that I’ve posted…)

I have to go now. What a tragedy.

Farewell, humans.


Greetings again…

Here I am, sitting in my room, trying my best to remember the reasons various chemicals react with each other, and just generally being really bored and frustrated about the entire concept of studying.

So what better way to procrastinate everything by casually making another post on something which I really very much gave up like, half a year ago?

And now I feel slightly creeped out about this whole ‘Let’s make some fancy legit blog’ thing, because so apparently lots of people now about this? And it’s like, ‘Wow, there is thing thing called the Internet, and there are actual people who can stalk and find and read all of this!’ I mean, not that anyone would actually be bothered, but it’s still vaguely creepy…

Like, no offence, but seriously how can some people honestly feel so comfortable about sharing every single aspect of their personal life on the Internet?

But I really need to decide what to do with this, like What is there that I can post/write about?

Book reviews are so much fun, but then it starts to feel A LOT like extra school work over time… And my life is way to boring to write about; I literally spend every holiday/weekend/after school/free time doing something school related like musical practices or robotics competitions or catching on my ridiculous amounts of school work. (Note to people: ‘It really isn’t a wise idea to take almost double the amount of subjects everyone else is. Just, don’t do it to yourself. Trust me’, I say as I plan to take the same amount next year…)

Like, I really want to write something really awesome and then become famous etc. off it like John Watson, and like it’s really cool how I see all these people who are ‘professional bloggers’ where they literally just buy nice nail polish and post pretty pictures on the Internet. I mean I do get that that would be really boring after time, but it would still be so cool to just write as like a side-hobby sort of thing? Except my slight problem of really really not wanting people to read anything of mine…

Or maybe I really should just give up this whole thing. And like, study and write songs and reblog pictures of Sherlock and read. You know, the stuff normal sixteen year olds do.

Not really.

But okay, it’s so weird because the only ‘blogging’ I’ve ever done is evidently on Tumblr, which is a predominantly young society (I’m pretty sure it’s mostly Twelvies through to people in their mid-twenties?). And then on here (I seriously mean no offence if anyone is actually reading this!) I just feel like it is actual, serious, people who aren’t doing this because they are bored and obsessed with leaving behind something after they die (Yes, I am talking about me), but rather as a hobby or to share legitimate feelings about the world (Which I guess I am sort of aiming to do?)

I really should go back to studying now…

So farewell, human beings.

Until next time,


The Wanderer

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!

Well, I am pretty sure this topic is supposed to be one that is taken seriously, in other words a list of places that are NOT fictional and one could actually go to. But as ever, my mind is simply not wired that way, so I shall make two separate lists (because I like lists.)

Fictional Places:

  1. Hogwarts. I mean, come on. Out of the people who have grown up with the series and waited for the movies to come out, who doesn’t want to go and enter the magical world of moving staircases and dragons and Quidditch? Plus the library alone would be just amazing.
  2. Asgard. The beautiful buildings and scenery, not to mention two extremely attractive Norse gods. Enough said.
  3. The inside of a TARDIS. Pretty much self-explanatory. Again, who doesn’t want to travel through all of time and space with the Doctor?
  4. The Seven Kingdoms. I know, I know. Endless bloodshed and fighting and people dying. But I still think it would be fascinating to enter that world and just experience everything firsthand. Although I’m not sure how long I’d survive.
  5. Middle Earth. Well technically, being in New Zealand probably already counts. But where are all of the elves and hobbits and dwarves?

Real-life Places I could actually go to one day:

  1. Comic-Con. I’m not even going to try explain how much this would mean to me. It would be like the equivalent of all my dreams coming true at one time in the one place multiplied by an unimaginable amount.
  2. The Sherlock Holmes museum in London. Like, actually to have the opportunity to go to 221B. Mind-blown.
  3. The Wizard World of Harry Potter. Again, pretty self-explanatory. Plus you get to actually try Butterbeer and get a wand.
  4. Greece and Rome. Just to be able to see all the old architecture and the museums and the history behind everything. Same with Egypt.
  5. Anywhere in Japan. I know it’s probably nothing like what you see on Internet or in anime, but I just really want to go there one day and try the food.

Looking back at my list, I have realised how the majority of these are fictional or based around something that is. Which just shows how much I have actually integrated the made-up world of others into mine.